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Peter-John Coppens Peter-John Coppens’ corporate culture is built upon the character of the owner, an Australian national of Bavarian extraction – aka the Panda. A liberal-conservative imprint and multicultural family connections in Germany, the Netherlands, North America, Australia and New Zealand sculptured Peter-John Coppens into a real cosmopolitan, whose main activities are centered around international corporations – today’s Global Players. In 1965, the twenty-year old design draughtsman emigrated to Australia, where, as a “multi-jobber”, he was able to satisfy his aspirations down- under and later became an Australian citizen. Initially a cartographer in an oil, gas and mineral exploration company based in Australia and New Zealand, he later became a salesman in the publishing sector before establishing his own companies under the names Print & Graphic Communication Ltd. and Pacific Press Ltd. For personal reasons, both companies were sold in 1977 and he returned with his family to Bavaria to pursue new ideas in Munich. The Company In Munich, the business venture developed initially into a small firm and in 1986 was registered locally in the Munich Trade Register as an Airport & Resort Transfer company. Today, the company is divided into several sectors ... TaxiCo for business-oriented passenger transportation where, through the Co-op Group structure, all customer requirements can be professionally handled and fulfilled. TaxiCo’s slogan: „The small business serving big business“. Although relatively small, the company is well-positioned right up-front alongside larger organizations. TaxiCo has, however, remained a family business in which spouse Lorraine looks after customer relations and logistics and son Steven oversees the team of drivers, while preparing for future directorship within the TaxiCo-GoldyCo-Coppens.net/e.K group, alongside his father. GoldyCo stands for Top Line Product Marketing. After a period of some years as Sales Representative in Ambient Home Climate Optimization in Australia and Germany, Peter-John Coppens is increasingly active in consumer services within the future-oriented clean air and water treatment technologies. Coppens-Makler (Broker) stepped into Real Estate as a fully-licensed estate agent after gaining experience during many active years in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. Business Politics  In order to avoid any kind of false impression, Peter-John Coppens arived in business politics more-or-less by accident. “Like the Virgin Mary to her child”. (Having children is something very beautiful.) For companies with explicit targets, changes to political structures have to be made from time to time. The City of Munich must now acknowledge the presence of the Taxi München e.G. Cooperative Society (with its’ more than 2000 members) and accompany it in a supportive manner into the future. Our endeavors in this direction have generated a high degree of awareness and encouragement from our Co- op partners, who now recongnize that there are many ways open to them to achieve success in their businesses. With openness and honesty, we can all get on the right track now.  


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