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  Your taxi agent and your taxi license Company divestment at a fair return Your taxi company is an important part of your retirement pension plan! Only when you achieve a fair return on the sale of your company assets have your efforts over the years been worthwhile. It is common knowledge that a taxi concession alone is worthless and cannot simply be sold or transferred. Only within the framework of an official company divestment procedure is it possible to achieve a satisfactory return. The question remains: How much is a taxi concession as an asset worth at the time when the company is being wound up? Up until now the answer has been rather disappointing: With more than € 15000 was not to be reckoned with – peanuts for a whole lifes work. We can change all that for you. As registered brokers, we can offer you the possibility of selling your company along with its taxi licences at an appropriately fair price. With our experience we are in a position to value your company including its concessions and to try and achieve a price for you which reflects your many years of hard work.  At present we assess a taxi concession in the Munich area to be worth at least € 40,000! In addition, further material and immaterial company assets like vehicle fleet, drivers, client base, established telephone and fax numbers, web presence, memberships in taxi centers or airport and other taxi rank contracts, can be taken into account. For example, the effective value of membership of the Taxi München eG. cooperative must be interpreted to be in the region of, at least, € 25.000 and the number of members could be limited. This political corporate community could also be expanded to cover the greater Munich area. As you see, your company could be more valuable than you think – or have already been offered! We are happy to be available to you for a personal discussion and comprehensive consultation at any time. We welcome you to use our hotline to arrange an appointment and take the opportunity for a personal exchange of ideas. This will not cost you anything and could be of substantial advantage to us both, especially when we arrive at an agreement.

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